Paco Seirul-lo, Head of Methodology at FC Barcelona «You have to do short and specific training. This way you could come back in three or four weeks».

Paco Seirul-lo, head of Methodology at FC Barcelona, ​​one of the most prestigious specialists worldwide talked about the return to training and competition after the break caused by the Covid-19 crisis. In these days of uncertainty about when and how return to the competition, Paco Seirulo-lo, who was the physical coach of the FC Barcelona first team for many years and the current Head of Methodological Area of the club conceded an interview where he affirmed to be against the FIFA’s proposal to make five changes per game. «The more players participate, the more injury options. I wouldn’t touch anything,» he said.

Seirul-lo is clear about how he would make professionals return to the competition. No long sessions, this is not a regular preseason. Quality training and not quantity. «The workout must be specific, qualified, short, with breaks. It is better to do specific short workouts. If done this way, in three or four weeks the players could be playing.» In addition, Seirul-lo says that «veterans would admit this type of workout well. Young players will have problems for that.» Seirul-lo insists on advising against «generic» training. If you do it that way, in three or four weeks you can start competing. «In fact, he considers that» if there are five weeks there can be confusion «because the physical trainers could design another type of season.